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Porcelain Text Plaque + Support

Our text plaques come in 2 standard sizes, including a stainless steel support. You can choose from a range of standard backgrounds, texts and font types. The imprint always runs to the edges. By baking your text into the enamel layer of the porcelain, you can leave a lasting message onto the grave.

Textplaque 15x20 + Support

Textplaque 10x15 + Support

Fonts and backgrounds


We selected around twenty different fonts, each of which diverse enough to be special. Because this a standard type product other fonts can not be selected. Click the button below to see the different possibilities.


The background picture is the supporting image of the design. Because this is a standard product you can only choose between a number of standard backgrounds. You can see them by clicking the button below.


Soon a number of standard texts will be available here.

Stainless Steel Supports