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Porcelain Ornaments

These porcelain forms are perfectly suited to have a photo, illustration, or text baked into them. The porcelain was first baked at 1300 °C, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. These ornaments don't require an additional support and stand by themselves. You have the choice between our default font types and backgrounds, or you can provide your own pictures and/or font.

Shapes and models

  • Ref. 747


    17 x 15

  • Ref. 748


    21 x 21

  • Ref. 752


    16 x 16

Fonts and backgrounds


To keep your choice manageable we have made a selection of around twenty font types. Each of them diverse enough in itself to be special. If you don't find what you are looking for in our offer, you can also provide us with your own font type.


The background is the supporting image of the design. This image can be a standard picture (which you can choose below) or it could be an image provided by you, such as a depiction of the deceased, of his or her hobbies, his or her profession, his or her environment, …