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Customizable Mini Urns

These handmade ceramic mini urns are made in Belgium by Marnic De Langhe. They are a small and unique token and can be customized by means of a round porcelain photo. This photo has a diameter of 5 cm and is glued on top of the urn. There are diffenrent possibilities for the picture ; an image of the deceased, a more general picture, the departeds initials, ... Another more original option is to make a depiction of the fingerprint of the deceased. This is a "softer" option than a photo, but still gives the urn a personal touch.


Handmade in Belgium

Marnic De Langhe is a master in his field. This passionate ceramist from Geraardsbergen deliberately avoids mass production. As a result, every urn he produces is unique. Besides the production of urns, Marnic also makes numerous other objects and crockery. Everything is baked up to 1320 °C (the same as porcelain), which makes his products also extremely durable.