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Polyester pictures

Polyester pictures are actually paper photos with a synthetic coating. This procedure was popular about ten years ago, but has a major disadvantage. The exposure to UV light for a longer period of time (seven years or more), gives the transparent synthetic material a yellow shine. This product is mainly asked for reunitings, but we still recommend a porcelain photo, which comes with a 25 year warranty on colour fastness. If nonetheless you wish to order a polyester photo, we will be happy to deliver it to you.

Forms and dimensions

  • Oval

     Size (cm)
     6 x 8  11 x 15
     7 x 9  13 x 18
     8 x 10  18 x 24
     9 x 12  
  • Rectangular

     Size (cm)
    8 x 10
    9 x 12
    11 x 15
    13 x 18
     18 x 24
  • Round

     Size (cm)
    ø 8 ø 16
    ø 10 ø 18
    ø 12 ø 20
    ø 14  

Possible finishes

With polyester pictures, there's a choice between two possible finishes. On the one hand there's a finish with a white edge around the picture and on the other hand we can create a finish with a gold or silver border against the picture. Below, you can see a graphic representation of the 3 different possibilities. On top of that you can opt for a black/white photo, a sepia photo, or a colour photo.

Silver border against the picture

Afwerking met zilver tegen de foto

Gold border against the picture

Afwerking met goud tegen de foto